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Cave tourism is a type Geotourism, which is to be found as a prominent product of Tourism Sabaragamuwa. As cave tourism,which allows the people to explore and experience the anthropogenic values, speleological values and cave biodiversity. In Sabaragamuwa
there many caves, namely Wavulpane, Batathota, Batadhombe, Belilena, Alulena, Padavigampola caves enable the cavers to gain diverse knowledge and experience


Tourism Sabaragamuwa provides varieties of opportunities for mountain biking tourists in countryside, hilly and rough terrains, streets and plantations. Tourists will be hosted and facilitated by the local host community and enable the tourists to experience unpolluted atmosphere and explore unique diversity.
Tourism Sabaragamuwa possesses remarkable places for camping tourists in different locations, such as mountain camping Alagalle
and Bathalegala, River Valley camping Kelani, Ma Oya, and Walawa Rivers, Wildlife camping Udawalawe, Horton Plains and Handgiriya, Forest camping Sinharaja. These camping tourism would extend the tourist to experience tropical diverse weather condition, fauna and flora, and geographical diversity.

Sabaragamuwa is happy to announce that it readily provides conducive destinations for the benefit of the brothers in the Islamic world. Their families can

visit us and share the magnitude of the beauty in the region by wholeheartedly sticking to the customary religious practices in accordance with the beliefs in the Islamic religion.



One of the major community based tourism activity is trekking, Tourism Sabaragamuwa posses plenty of places for trekking tourism through fascinating physical geographical and biological diversity. Trekking tourists will be supported by the local guides and local community .
Suitable Clothing will be advised by the local guides or local community


Agriculture as a traditional and primary source of livelihood allows the tourists to obtain authentic and exotic experience in the farm fields
of countryside, whereas tourists are engaged in farm practices and provide opportunity play a role as traditional farmer to have firsthand experience. Tourists will be catered with traditional and organic foods.


A traditional system of medicine in South Asia is Ayurweda, means Science of Long Living or
Longevity.Ayurweda is a series of health practices and rejuvenation activities for healthy life. Tourism Sabaragamuwa is an authentic place to be found with traditional Ayurweda and Indigenous medical practitioners at different places.
Tourism Sabaragamuwa has initiated the first Homestay Tourism Village at Padavigampola to provide personalized homely holiday for tourists, who demand
parental hood, family atmosphere and homemade food and beverages. Amicable social behaviour and novel experience of homestay would generate a great satisfaction.
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