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As sabaragamuwa province comprises with unique diverse geographical region and many number of natural and manmade attractions, the hospitality of sabaragamuwa is gifted to offer various types of food and lodging to suite the different tastes and expectations of visitors even though it is an emerging tourist region of the island.  The hospitality of sabaragamuwa is capable to promise the exotic and memorable stay in the island.




Although Sabargamuwa is an imminent tourist region it possesses few hotels with modern and luxurious facilities including in-house restaurants to ensure the broad expectation of the guests.


Rest House



Sabaragamuwa also includes few rest houses, which are built as low-budgeted accommodation in order to cater the lodging facilities for domestic travellers. However these rest houses, comprised with common dining, living rooms, attach bathrooms and other basic facilities, and few of them were constructed during the colonial period.


Guest House



As sabaragamuwa is an icon for Sri Lankan traditional and multicultural community, where visitors can found many number of guesthouses, owned by Sri Lankans beside their homes, with their native atmosphere and hospitality.


Home Stay



Remarkably sabargamuwa is prepared to offer accommodation at Sri Lankan native homes, which are located in traditional village. The lodging option would be home away from home with foster parents and native Sri Lankan family in order to enjoy and Sri Lankan cultuture, cuisine, and village atmosphere.


Game Lodging

Sabaragamuwa would offer another kind of accommodation option within the national parks and reserves while experiencing and enjoying the wildlife, there are game lodges in and around the national parks and strict reserves.


Camping Sites

Another possible alternative accommodation and holiday facility in Sabargamuwa is camping accommodation while experiencing physical geographical characteristics and wildlife. Such camping facilties are available at mountain tops, national parks, forest reserves and etc. The camping facilties would be supported by the local community.


Boutique Hotels and Villas:

Special kind of upcoming accommodation establishment nurturing  with unique characteristics and facilities while ensuring the personalised service for guests.

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