Samanala & Udawalawa
The Samanala-Udawalawe tourism zone is located in the intermediate and the dry zones of Sabaragamuwa Province bordering Uva, Southern and Central Provinces. Udawalawe National Park is the most popular attraction which is easily accessible via Ratnapura or via Embilipitiya or Thanamalvila from Southern Province. A new access from Weligepola, Sandagiriya to Udawalawe National Park (West) is being developed by the Provincial Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation. This development will provide an outstanding experience to wildlife lovers and they will also get the opportunity to visit some lesser-known archaeological sites which are scattered over the area. Samanala region is reclined from Peak Wilderness mountain range and located in the East of Ratnapura District. It encompasses with amazing Nonpareil climb up to World’s End, mystique valleys, beautiful landscapes, rivers, waterfalls, intermediate zone flora and fauna, wildlife, traditional villages and prehistoric and historical places. The zone offers unparallel opportunities for special interest tourism
  Pre-History and History
  The evidence of pre-history and history are not scarce which scattered in many parts of this region. The pre-historical evidences belong to the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and early Iron ages until the ancient history of Sri Lanka. There are few such significant sites have been identified in this part of the Province. Apart from that Maduwanwela Manor House is one of popular historical attractions in the area.
Sandagiriya | Galpaya Ancient City | Ranchamadama Burial Ground| Maduwanwela Manor House
  Religious and Heritage
  The rich history and century old traditions are keeping spiritual values alive for future generations to experience. It has left its mark on our landscape and influenced our culture and daily life. You can discover one of our most significant religious monuments; some of them are still venerated by religious communities of different faiths.
Bolthumbe Sumana Saman Devale |Kottimbulwela Rajamaha Vihara|Beligala Galvihara | Kuragala Monastry Complex | Budugala Rajamaha Vihara | Uggal Aluth Nuwara Katharagama Devale| Sankapala Rajamaha Vihara | Pussadeva Cemetery
  Rural Life and Tranquillity
  Community tourism is mutually beneficial - for the communities and for the travellers who are seeking fruitful relationships. Exploration of Sri Lankan rural life is absolutely stunning experience where Sabaragamuwa offers authentic community tourism products. It is indeed an exposure to a rural village far from the beaten path, and for good reasons.
Belihuloya | Silogama Community Tourist Village
  Mountain Peaks
  Sabaragamuwa rise gradually to merge with the Central Highlands, giving a dissect appearance to the terrain of the province consisting panoramic mountain chains, massifs and parallel valleys. Some of mountain peaks in the region are accessible though the trails have not been properly demarcated. The conditions are ideal from May to August for mountaineering especially during the dry season. You may arrange your next adventure in the region with the help of friendly locals.
Dethanagala | Paravinygala | Hagala
  Rivers and Waterfalls
  Although Samanala-Udawalawe region is mainly fall in to the intermediate zone, its scenic beauty is blended with picturesque river valleys and waterfalls. The upper catchment of the area feed those perennial rivers and streams that flow through the Province, rains from the North-East and inter monsoons, rugged relief get together to form the most attractive falls creating splendid sceneries for visitors.
Duvili Falls | Diyavini Falls |Nonperial Falls|Surathalee Falls |Masimbule Falls|Handapan Falls
  Scenic Beauty and Wildlife
  From one facet of nature to another Sabaragamuwa is a place of great natural beauty and many of our island’s most famous scenic spots are located within the province. Especially the abundance of Sabaragamuwa birdlife in the areas of forests, National Parks and Forest Reserves makes it an ornithologist's paradise.
Horton Plains via Nonperial climb | Wavulpane Limestone Cave|Udawalawe National Park | Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home
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