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Devanagala Temple
Devanagala Temple at Mawanella is built on a 600 feet high rock, with a superb view of the surrounding area. There is a shrine room built on pillars and another which dates back to
the period of king Parakramabahu I. There is also an inscription which notes the gift of land to the king’s commander-in-chief in recognition of his exploits in a war against Burma

Salawa Cave Temple

In the 3rd century, BC, Buddhism came to Sri Lanka, making sweeping changes in every aspect of life. Fortuitously, bricks and mortar were in use by that time so numerous buildings,
murals, drawings and pictures remain in a good state of preservation to tell the tale. Salawa temple (Aranayaka) is a small temple consisting of tree caves, all of them covered inside with murals. It is said that the last king of Kandy spent some time in hiding here, secreted behind the statue of the Lord Buddha
Deliwela Kota Vehera
Deliwala is situated in the Rambukkana to Kurunegala road adjoining Padavigampola Homestay Tourism Village, approximately 85 kms from the Capital. This vihara had been
constructed during the regime of King Devanampiyatissa (250 to 210 BC) by a regional king called Keerthi Tissa in the 3rd century BC. A golden casket together with a stone casket has been descovered here and they were designed to resemble the Sanchi stupa of India. This is a site which has a considerable historical and archeological value. The historical chronicles prove that the most vererable Mihindu Maha Thero had been invited to this temple whose relics which were ceremoniously enshrined here.
Mawanella Brick Bridge

Constructed some hundred years ago cross Maa- Oya at Mawanella the British colonial inheritance of the brick bridge still stands strong. It continues

to prove the everlasting guarantee that the old colonial technology was capable of. 100 meters in length, it could still shoulder the heavy exchange of millions of daily vehicles though it has somewhat been alleviated now by the new bridge constructed recently.
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Dadigama Kota Vehera

Dadigama Kota Vehera, built by Parakramabahu I (1153-1186 AD) at the site of his birth place is worth a visit, as it the Wattarama Raja Maha Vihara, with ruins dating back to the
2nd century BC. Danakirigala Rock temple is one of the oldest in the Kegalle district and was known by the name of Waddhamanaparwata in ancient times. Since it is built on the summit of a high hill, it commands a spectacular view.

Aluthnuwara Dedimunda

The ancient Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devala has a history going back to the reign of King Parakramabahu I. Built during the reign of King
Dapulusena, this is the main shrine dedicated to the God Dedimunda in Sri Lanka and still the original Vishnu Devala, two inscribed stone slabs, old stone pillars and two rows of un carved rectangular pillars. There is an annual festival, held in July/August featuring perahera, fire walking and a water cutting ceremony.


Saradial Village and
Theme Park
Saradial Village is located close to the predominant Moorish city in Sabaragamuwa called Mawanella. Named after a native who fiercely fought
against the ruthless British colonialism, Saradiel Village reminds you of the spirit of anti-colonialism prevailed in these parts of the world. Commonly considered ‘Sri Lankan Robin Hood’ Saradiel is historically known as Uthuwan Kande Soorya Saradiel for his countless engagements with the British. Though later captured by British police after many escapes, his glory lives to date. The theme park offers the best scenic view about the surrounding from one of the highest elevations in this city.
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