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Udawalawe National Park (West)


A new entrance from Weligepola, Handagiriya to the Udawalawe National Park (West) is being developed by the Ministry of Tourism of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council (SPC) in collaboration with the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation. This development will provide an outstanding experience to wildlife lovers and they will also get the opportunity to visit some lesser-known archaeological sites which are scattered over the area. This new access is approximately 170 km away from the Capital and can be reached through Colombo–Badulla highway (A4) off Balangoda via Weligepola or Colombo-Embilipitiya road off Godakewela.

  Seelogama Homestay  

This is one of the projects of Sabaragamuwa Homestay Programme. This initiative has been launched in order to expand the capacity of supplementary accommodation sector of the province with more diversified services and also to bring benefit of tourism development to the rural community.

  New Access to Horton Plains via Belihuloya  

In order to celebrate World Tourism Day – 2011, the Ministry of Tourism successfully launch several programmes. A photographic and art competition was organised this year.


Visitor Facility Development at Duvili Falls


More than 30 youths from the Province were selected for this training. The training has been provided by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

  Visitor Facility Development at Bopath Falls  

The Ministry of Tourism launched the publication “Sundara Sabaragamuwa” – a book on tourist attractions of the Province.  This book provides descriptions of those popular and lesser-known actractions.


Comfort Centre in Belihuloya


The comfort centre development is currently underway at Belihuloya- a popular tourist destination in the country. This will be open for travelling public and provide facilities including catering, shopping and as well as tourist information.

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