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Tourism Sabaragamuwa: A convincing effort towards a sustainable industry…

  The Ministry of Tourism, Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council has a quite long history of involvement in tourism development within the province. The Ministry of Tourism has laid a mechanism for planning, development, and mobilization of necessary funding to local governments for the successful implementation of tourism initiatives. In addition, it is more importantly coordinate the activities of stakeholders from state, private and non-governmental sectors. The year 2008 was a turning point in which they initiated the process of developing Five-year Tourism Development Plan of the Sabaragamuwa Province with the technical assistance from the Department of Tourism Management, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. The provincial tourism policy was drafted and the strategies for the development and promotion were recognized during this planning process. The implementation was started in 2009 as stipulated once the Final Report (including the action plan for the same planning period) has been endorsed by the provincial political leadership and especially under the patronage and guidance of the Minister of Tourism Hon. Athula Kumara Rahubaddha.  
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