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Rivers and Waterfalls


Bo Ella

Bo Ella is fascinating aquatic based recreation site comprises with a water fall, natural pool, and a forest cover with rich bio diversity on widely extended point of Ma Oya (river). This site is verypopular among the

local community as a picnic site, which is ideal for nature lovers, picnickers and campers. One would be able to enjoy open sky cooking and cuisine, river bathing, game fishing, nature exploration and relaxation etc. The site is located 8 km from Colombo – Kandy highway. And when you turn left at the entry point of Mawanella via rubber plantation and Yatihana village, you can reached the place.
    This is one of the longest water streams in the country which runs directly to the sea touching several districts to its way to the sea.  An ideal place for water
sports, boat riding and nature tourism where certain fauna and flora avail at any point of access,  Maoya is doubtlessly a fair attraction of a nature lover



Asupini Falls

The earned its name, according to folklore, after a desperate suicidal attempt where a mounted monarch leapt from its upper reaches. The horrific roar that it sometimes makes signifies, according to villages, the catch of the victim that this
fall consumes annually. The Ma- Oya brook starts here. Situated in the very edge of Sabaragamuwa, about 13 kilometres away from Mawanella junction in the Kandy- Colombo highway, Asupini falls provides the maximum picaresque scene for the viewer as well feeds the diverse vegetation in the area.
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