The picaresque atmosphere and the action plenty visitor attraction fall out around Sri Lanka's longest brook Ma-Oya . This region shows you nature at its very best, the country's greenness as you have never experienced before. Country view, agriculture, pure water shed, hospitality, industrial farming as well as agriculture are condensed into one piece of land. You will love to find that it includes one of the county's chief tourists attractions called Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage which is situated 11 kilometres away from northwest of the town Kegalle one of the two largest cities in the Province. It is widely renowned for having the greatest herd of elephants in captivity and as the home for baby elephants. In addition, this zone offers you a range of exciting experiences inspired both from nature as well as from culture not forgetting what it can give you historically
  Pre-History and History
  The Prehistory of Sri Lanka dates back to about 125,000 BP and possibly even as early as 500,000 BP and covers the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and early Iron ages until the ancient history of Sri Lanka. Evidence of a transition between the Mesolithic and the Iron Age is scant. There are few such significant sites have been identified in Kegalle District.
  Padavigampola Dolmen | Alulena
  Religious and Heritage
  Places of Religious and heritage interests have marked the Sri Lankan history and as well as that of Sabaragamuwa Province. It has left its mark on our landscape and influenced our culture and daily life. You can discover one of our most significant religious monuments; some of them are still venerated by religious communities of different faiths.
  Devanagala Temple | Dadigama Kota Vehera |Salawa Cave Temple | Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devala| Deliwela Kota Vehera| Saradial Village and Theme Park| Mawanella Brick Bridge
  Community Tourism
  Community tourism is mutually beneficial - for the communities and for the travellers who are seeking fruitful relationships. Exploration of Sri Lankan rural life is absolutely stunning experience where Sabaragamuwa offers authentic community tourism products. It is indeed an exposure to a rural village far from the beaten path, and for good reasons.
  Padavigampola - Homestay Village | Hathgampola|Uthuwana | Ihala-Kotte| Mologoda Pottery Village
  Mountain Peaks
  Most of the island's surface consists of plains between 30 and 200 meters above sea level. In the South-West, ridges and valleys of Sabaragamuwa rise gradually to merge with the Central Highlands, giving a dissect appearance to the terrain of the province consisting panoramic mountain chains, massifs and parallel valleys.
  Bathalegala | Alagalla
  Rivers and Waterfalls
  Sabaragamuwa Province is blessed with picturesque river valleys and waterfalls. Perennial rivers and streams that flow through the Province, rains from two monsoons, rugged relief get together to form the most attractive falls creating splendid sceneries for visitors. Indeed you are fortunate to witness significant number of cascades during your visit to the Province which are mostly accessible.
  Bo Ella | Asupini Falls |MaOya
  Flora & Founa
  From one facet of nature to another… Sabaragamuwa is a place of great natural beauty and many of our island’s most famous scenic spots are located within the province. Especially the abundance of Sabaragamuwa birdlife in the areas of forests, National Parks and Forest Reserves makes it an ornithologist's paradise.
  Elephant Orphanage | Zoological Garden|Herbal and Spice Gardens | Kurulu Kele
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