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Allagalle is a significant mountain peak of Sri Lanka, located in Kegalle district as a scenic background of Mawanella town, and 1200 meters above sea level and about 1 km in
length. When you drive through Mawanelle, along Colombo – Kandy road on your right side the beautiful mountain peak can be seen. The legend says ‘the mountain peak has been used by the Sinhalese Kings to execute the political opponents and criminals. The peak can be reached by mysterious climb through the Ihalakotte village crossing hill country railway. The peak of themountain is an unbelievable platform to witness the surrounding sceneries of the other mountains, traditional paddy farming, plantations, historical places, religious places, cities and community settlements. Moreover, the mountain is an emerging site for community based ecotourism and the tourists will be taken care of local community in Ihalakotte.




The two highest mountainous elevations in the region offer you a glorious view that encompasses the entire area with a single glance. Batalegala Summit : Bathalegala in
Sabaragamuwa Province - Aranayake divisional secretariat division, is 2780 feet above sea level. The top of Bible rock has seven acres of plain land where helicopters can land. The bus route from Kadugannawa to Bathalegala covers 15 Km via Mawanella, Aranayake and Hathgampala
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