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Pinnawala Elephant
The Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage commenced its operations in 1975 under the Department of Wildlife on a twenty five acre coconut property on the Maha Oya River
close to Rambukkana. The orphanage was primarily designed to afford care and protection to the many baby elephants found in the jungle without their mothers. Sheltering nearly hundred elephants every year it has now become one of the bigger orphanages and is quite well known worldwide. It gives you a complete picture of bathing and playing elephant from a close proximity as the herd interacts socially.

Kurulu Kele

    Widely popular not only in the region but island wide, it is a rich sanctuary of birds, both typical and migrants. Located in the heart of the city Kegalle, accession is easy and many
varieties of birds are flying at any time of the year. The local name itself Kurulukele suggests that it is the sanctuary for birds



Add Spice to Your Life
Herbal and Spice Gardens

We have the best series of rear herbal and spice gardens scattered throughout the Province but the most popular gardens are situated in the
Ma-Oya region. Black pepper, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Cloves, Fennel, Garden Sage, Garlic and Nutmeg are among the wide range of tropical spices avail at those private own stations. Costumes and other body care products made from those as well as other herbals are kept there for public purchase.
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