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Padavigampola - Homestay
Padavigampola is a rural untainted village, comprised with conventional society, diverse tropical vegetation, paddy fields,mountain, springs etc.The Dolman (Gal Messa)
and Caves on the mountain top are possible land mark for history of the village; Evidences shows the Gal Messa a unique prehistoric monument. Amicable socio-culture and traditional hospitality of the society magnetize visitors, who want to enjoy experience and explore the countryside beauty and tranquility, traditional farming and cultivation, other traditional livelihoods, typical village customs, practices in addition to richness of the environment. At present the village is prepared as the first Homestay Tourism Village. Holidaymakers allowed coming experience a homely holiday at Padavigampola through proper channel. Incomparable holiday site the Padavigampola Homestay can be reached, when you turn left from Karundupona junction via Pinnawela and Rambukkana town. Approximate distance from Karundupona junction is 15km

May be the highest elevation in the region, the tip of the mountain range where lot of adventure as well as nature tourism can take place. One of the few places in the region

where mountaineering, climbing and hiking are possible, Ihala Kotte mountain peak provides one of most striking views in the province




A traditional village is found at the Bottom of the Bathalegala (Bible Rock) 11km off from Colombo-Kandy highway, when you turn left just before the Brick Bridge in Mawanella over the Ma Oya. Unpolluted
countryside atmosphere and rich heritage of the local community enable a fascinating holiday site, which consists of traditional livelihoods, indigenous and herbal health practices, unspoiled habitat, anthropogenic resources and magnificent rock of Bathalegale as the Background of the village.


Place of Saradiel, a local hero widely considered as Sri Lankan Robin hood during the colonial times, still stands strong and challengingly upright for the viewers. Accessible from the Kandy- Colombo highway
to reach the apex, one has to climb the steep for nearly five hundred meters to get the gorgeous view underneath. The high elevation will encompass the valley that runs acres and acres of plantations and inhabitants of the region


Believed to be one of the oldest pottery villages in the country whose history, according to folklore, runs back to the Kandyan Era or even more.
Resembling the Rajakari system of feudalist origin, more than 50 families engaged in manual clay pottery industry. This small village which has significantly transformed into modern day commercialization is situated 12 kilometres away from Kegalle at either side of the Kandy-Colombo main road. Beautiful clay works can also be bought for souvenir
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