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Pre-Histry and History


Batadomba Cave
This cave is associated with the Homo sapien balangodensis or the Balangoda Ape man. Anatomically modern, prehistoric human remains found in Sri Lanka are commonly referred to
as Balangoda Man. The term seems to have derived from his being responsible for the Mesolithic 'Balangoda Culture' which was first defined in sites near Balangoda. Archeologists have also found that the tool kit of Balangoda Man is distinguished by the occurrence of geometric microliths and such geometric microliths have traditionally been considered the hallmark of the Mesolithic period as first defined in Europe. The earliest dates for the geometric microlithic tradition in Europe being around 12,000 BP. Hence it came as a surprise when such tools were found as early as 31,000 BP at Batadomba cave and at Beli-lena as well. The occurrence of marine shells in inland sites such as Batadomba Cave is also interesting and, according to Archeologists, points to an extensive network of contacts between the coast and the hinterland. This cave can be reached by travelling two kilometers along the Eratna road which is linked tothe Colombo Ratnapura road at Eratna junction and proceeding a further distance of apptoximately four and half kilometers along Guruluwana road and follow the path through a Rubber plantation which leads to the cave is about one and half km in distance.


Dutch Fort
  The fort located in the centre of Ratnapura city dates back to Portuguese period and it believed to have been used by
them to oversee activities of the city. This place was converted to a fort by the Dutch after they have occupied it. The structure is more or less similar to the Dutch fort in Kaluthara. In 1817 the fort was overtaken by the British and after the independence the local administrative office occupied this premises. The fort presently served as the head office of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and it houses several private gem shops.
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